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& Shrewsbury Tai Chi

(during the Covid pandemic we will be moving our base from Taunton to Shrewsbury)

Bulletin BoardI am watching the situation with regard to Covid 19 closely and I will be following  advice from the government and other organisations such as Age UK.

Please make sure you are aware of government advice that may affect you. Click here for a link to NHS & Covid 19. Click here for Government advice on staying alert and safe social distancing. Remember to put your health first.


Ongoing Tai Chi: I have some good news and some rather sad news.

The good news is that I am going to continue to offer online classes on an ongoing basis for as long as there is interest in them.

The somewhat sad news is that Victoria and I, have decided we need to bring forward our retirement plans in order to make the most of the future.

In doing so, we decided that we had little choice but to move home, but that we intend to make this a positive move. We have moved to Shrewsbury.

I will continue to offer online classes while there is interest in them. I will be visiting Somerset regularly and intend to run some live workshops in Taunton when Covid allows. I hope you will all continue to enjoy practising Tai Chi. I wish everyone well for the future.


You can get updates on Age UK activities, as well as support and advice if you are self isolating at; or call them at 01823 345610.

                                   KEEP AN EYE ON THIS BULLETIN BOARD INTO THE FUTURE.

Welcome to South West Tai Chi, offering regular classes in Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan

The school provides opportunities to learn the peaceful Chinese art of Tai Chi.  Tai Chi encourages a natural movement and flow of energy that promotes robust health and improves co-ordination.

Classes teach authentic Chen Style Tai Chi in a friendly and supportive environment, allowing students to explore all aspects of the art.

The schools principal instructor is Malcolm Droy who has been practising Tai Chi for nearly 40 years and teaching here in Somerset for 19 years.

Beginners Classes

Join any classes at any time! You are welcome to come along to any class and to join in.  The Evening class at the Tacchi-Morris Centre is open to beginners. There is a number of day classes in the Taunton area and a class in Weston where you can learn Tai Chi on a regular basis Details here.

Classes for over 50's (& younger)

Some classes in are specially geared for the over 50's. These classes have been running for a while now and are very popular.  They are also the most suitable for beginners to join in at any time. The classes are open to all (even if you are younger) and are inexpensive, so come along and give it a try. Beginners are always welcome!

Master Jesse Tsao


Tai Chi in the Park

This is a summer event in Taunton and Weston-Super-Mare for regular students. A chance to practice your Tai Chi exercises in the park.  No particular experience is necessary.  There's a park café or you could bring a picnic.

"Tai Chi is better than drugs for treating depression in the elderly".

"The older you get, the more likely you are to suffer depression.  Instead of reaching for a powerful antidepressant that may not be affective, try tai chi, the slow body movement exercise from China. The exercise is better at reducing depression and anxiety than a powerful antidepressant, say researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles.(Source: American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 2011)


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