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COVID 19 - All face to face classes are suspended. Please see bulletin board on front page for details of online classes.  Click here for ONLINE CLASSES.

Foundation Classes    (times & locations)

Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) foundation classes offer an excellent introduction to Tai Chi.

Classes are based on the Chen style Tai Chi form.  The aim of the classes is to develop a student's understanding of the principles of Tai Chi, warming up exercises, Qi-Gong (energy promoting) exercises, the form and the application of Tai Chi in every day life.

Once students have grasped the principles of Tai Chi there are opportunities to study, weapons forms and the martial applications of Tai Ch (see below).

Times & Locations






Mondays during term time. Contact Tacchi Morris for further details - 01823 414141

7:00pm - 8:15pm

Tacchi Morris Centre


Wednesday mornings during term time. (Some previous knowledge required for this class).

9:30am- 11:00am

Staplegrove Village Hall

Also for 50+ Classes. See Below

Community Classes

Community classes provide an opportunity to gear classes to the needs of specific groups.  For example, classes for the over 50's can offer Tai Chi at a level and in a way that is safer and generally better suited to those from 50 onwards.

Important: Tai Chi is a standing form of exercise. A reasonable level of balance and strength is required for all of these classes. These are not remedial classes.

In the Monday and Thursday classes we work standing behind a chair for some of the time, but we work without chairs for the last 15 minutes of the class, while we move around the room practising Tai Chi Form.

(Even if you are under 50, you can still join us!)

There are inexpensive over 50's classes as follows;

Monday mornings (10:30-11:45) at the Temple Methodist Church, Upper High Street, Taunton, TA1 3PY.

Monday afternoons (1:30-2:40) at Norton Fitzwarren Village Hall.

Wednesday mornings (11:15-12:30) at Staplegrove Village Hall, Taunton, TA2 6AL

Thursday morning (12:45-2:00) at the United Reform Church, Waterloo St, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1LA.

You can join in at any time. Just turn up during school term time or call for more details.

Contact the school


Private Classes for Individuals and Small Groups

Private classes offer a chance for individuals and small groups to reinforce what is learnt in regular classes.  They provide an opportunity to cover subjects in greater detail with an emphasis on individual progress and correction.

Special Subject Classes

Our classes normally focus on either Tai Chi Qigong and/or classical Tai Chi long form. We try to let students get involved in parts of the extended curriculum that are of particular interest to them

Our curriculum covers the following additional subjects;

Weapons practice - broadsword, straight sword, spear, Gwan Dao and Tai Chi Bang.
2 Man Form
– two person form. A mixture of push hands and form work exploring the martial application of Tai Chi.
Cannon Fist Form – explosive Tai Chi movements form.
Double Push Hands & Four Corners – learning sensitivity and connection with other students. These exercises improve your Tai Chi Form and give you the basis of using Tai Chi for self defence.
Xinjia   - A different interpretation of the form. Ideal for experienced students who wish to deepen their knowledge of form.

Monday evening students can arrive early at 6:35pm at the Tacchi Morris centre for push hands practice

Regular weapons workshops are held on a Sunday morning.