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I am running 2 practice classes per week. All classes use the Zoom app available on desktops, laptops and tablets. (see JOINING INSTRUCTIONS FOR FIRST TIME USERS below).

web002Both classes will be a mixture of warm-ups, Silk Reeling/Qigong and Form Work.
Monday morning at 10:15am and Wednesday morning at 10:15am.  (1.5 hours each class). I hope this layout will form a sustainable framework for future online classes.

Joining the Classes

Step 1
.  Make a payment for a month of classes. 16 for one class per week or 24 for two classes per week. (There are multiple ways to pay).
   a.) If you have a paypal account you can just send a payment to  
   b.) Pay via BACS. (email me at for account details).
   c.) Make a secure payment below using paypal or credit or debit card.

    [Note: Options a & c use Paypal secure payment system. Option b relies on your own banks online system]

Step 2.  Email me at to let me know you have made a payment, how much and by which method.  (If you are joining one class per week only, let me know which class you wish to join). Very Important - You need to do this the day before your first class at the latest, so I have time to send you joining instructions.

Step 3.  I will send you the Zoom meeting ID's and passwords for the calendar month of classes.

1.)  Well before the session (I suggest several days), get the Zoom App on your tablet and set up a free account. Alternatively, you can use your browser on your laptop by going to the website. If you want to try Zoom out you can then email me to arrange a trial connection at

2.)  Email me using the same email account you used to set up a Zoom account. Let me know your name, your address, contact telephone number and your level of Tai Chi experience.

3.)  Pay for your first set of online classes following the instructions above. I will then send you an invite with meeting joining ID's and passwords.

4.)  A little before the class starts, log into Zoom and join the meeting using the ID and password.(I will usually join the meeting about 10 minutes before it starts). Important: Set up your camera so that I can see you from at least waist up.

A secure Credit/Debit Card or paypal payment can be made (for June 2nd to 30th) below using paypal secure system. Select drop down option for 1 or 2 classes per week.

Select how many classes per week for 1 month